Law Office of Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC       

Firm Overview

At Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC we believe in protecting your rights! 

Choosing an attorney in a time of need is an extremely important decision.   The Law Offices of Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC is a multi-faceted firm that is located in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our attorneys have years of experience and are equipped to fight for your rights to the fullest extent.  You are in good hands and can feel confident with one of our attorneys by your side.  Having our dedicated team on your side is the first step in achieving the results you deserve.

We provide representation for:

  • Innocent people who are wrongfully or falsely accused of an act
  • Responsible people who are willing to turn their lives around
  • Parents who want to maintain parental rights to their children

Please contact the Law Office of Gregg R. Woodnick, PLLC, at 928-856-7004 today.

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